Bed & Breakfast Retreat in Maui Hawaii's Beautiful North Shore!

  • Greenest place on Maui!
  • Breathtaking views all over our land!
  • Secluded Oceanfront Property
  • Maui’s premier eco-tourism retreat center!
  • Close to world famous beaches!
  • Eat from the land!
  • Pond overlooking the ocean!
  • Pamper yourself with Hawaiian massages!
  • Meditate in nature - Awaken your eco soul!
  • Come see Maui's gorgeous sunrise.
  • Beautiful natural outside Maui setting.
  • Gorgeous temples
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Welcome to Living Elegantly Green!
Where your Vacation becomes a Transformation!
Permitted since 2009 # BBPH/0003

“The Maui Retreat is a paradise. Our stay was inspiring, the beautiful setting of the land, the character of the Eco Thai Hale cottage and the attention to the details were a delight for all the family.”

Phil R. - Eco Thai Hale Cottage

“We so lucked out, I still cannot believe it. Rather than staying at one of those beach resorts that looks exactly like beach resorts around the world, we stayed at the most beautiful setting imaginable.”

Claire Reston - Hawaiian Room