In the Opua House, you can book any room individually.

Lotus Room, Opua House, Dolphin Room, Opua House, Indian Room, Opua House,
Hawaiian Room,  Opua House, Opua House,  Opua House Kitchen,

This happy house was traditionally blessed by a Hawaiian elder with the name Opua, which means “house which catches the rain to sustain the earth.”

Witness joyful, natural living in style and ease- this elegant and sustainably designed home harnesses the power of nature by collecting rain and solar energy to provide the property with all of its gardening water and electricity. Each uniquely adorned room is flawlessly decorated and maintained to embody divine beauty.

The Opua House shares a common dining room and gourmet kitchen, where souls commune and new friends are made. We provide guest books which contain a wealth of information about the land, people, and culture to enrich your visit.


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