We welcome you as your hosts. We are a couple that have lived in Hawaii since 1985 and our names are Kutira and Raphael.

We have been involved with this sacred land since 1988 when we first bought it.  At that time, it was just a piece of jungle with no roads, no water, no electricity, mostly weeds and no support from the county. Up to this day, it remains secluded and “off the grid”. After more then twenty years and with great vision, perseverance and many volunteer students, we have created a place that brings its visitors happiness and joy, and awakens a much-needed awareness of cultivating sustainability.

We host conscious eco-travelers, as well as people from all over the world who come to study with us the art of Embodied Spirituality and Sustainability. If you would like to find out more about our other activities as teachers, artists, musicians, please click here. You may even be inspired to come back and stay for a three-month internship program in exploring yourself and learning to live sustainably, where you are invited to come and stay with us and feel the spirit of the land and breathe in the “Aloha” of Hawaii.

We looking forward to welcoming you and invite you to participate in any form in the activities of our artistic spiritual community or to simply be in your own quietness. We know you will have a fulfilling visit that nurtures your body and soul. The culture of Hawaii is rich, and the location you have chosen is in tune with the rhythm of the old ways.

We as your hosts are dedicated to making your stay a memorable experience. On behalf of all who are presently blessing us with their presence, we welcome you!


Family and Staff

and Mochi our Tibetan Angel

UPDATE: We just finished “The Dance of Earth and Spirit” a feature length movie of 90 min. A journey of attaining sustainability through spirituality! Awakening the “Eco-Soul”, where ancient traditions meet cutting-edge science. Check our calendar or call our office to find out where our story of this extraordinary experience, honoring the Mother – our Earth in creating a sustainable blueprint for generations to come, is featured. Starting May 2011

These are interns from around the world that come to the land to learn about permaculture, sustainability, sacred space and traditions.

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