Where does the ultimate ecstasy come from?  Where does the ultimate clarity, love and sense of well-being come from?  You know as well as everybody, it comes from within.  In our society, we are great masters of illusions: “If I get that fine pretty car and that fine pretty house and that fine pretty wife/husband, I will be happy. “How often do we treat others in our lives with top priority, and forget about our own needs for self-nurturing and rejuvenation?  This is also one of the great weaknesses of the New Age as well, we strive to “be positive” and “further the aliveness of humanity”, and at the same time, deny our own needs and desires.  Hence, we become shallow.

The Ecstasy of Retreat is a concept of re-treating yourself.  In a way, it takes a kind of ruthlessness to enter this space. You literally have to say no to all the old golden calves like, “making money”, or ” saving the world”.

One of the most important things in the Ecstasy of Retreat is like the realtors say, “location, location, location”.  Oddly enough, this is where many people get off the track.  They look at the outside appearances or they look for outside activities and entertainment, usually because they are afraid of that great monstrous illusion, boredom.  And yet, just on the other side of boredom is a pregnant silence, openness, limitless love and you!

When looking for a place to retreat and nurture your spirit, here are some important things to look for:

1. Thought pollution.
Are you retreating in a place that is full of love and meditation or is it full of preoccupation with business obligations and stress?

2. Noise pollution.
When you select a place, listen and notice what sounds are invading your retreat, especially at night.

3. The ion field.
Is there a lot of electricity and TV energy, or are there a lot of plants, trees and nature?  It is best, if possible, to be off the grid and away from power lines etc. This is very important because you’re going into a very open state of being.

4. Privacy.
The best retreat space is a place where no one, (or as few people as possible) knows where you are.  Then you know you are free.

5. And last.
How do you feel in this place? Trust your instincts.

So, in the end, go into the Ecstasy of Retreat, and watch what happens when your spirit comes alive again. Love the Earth but also allow the Earth to love you.

P.S. Pamper yourself with lots of hiking, dips in the waterfall, yoga, massages, spiritual practices, meditation and healthy organic food. Drink a lot of Water!!

Many blessings,

Kutira & Raphael

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