Twelve Easy Ways to Save Water

- Water the yard only when needed; consider the use of moisture sensors to let you know.

- Plant drought-resistant and less-thirsty plants.

- Mulch plant beds to cool the soil and minimize evaporation.

- Switch to drip irrigation, which reaches the roots slowly and avoids evaporation.

- Deep soak your plants instead of frequent light sprinkling to promote drought-resistant roots.

- Repair leaks.  A slow drip wastes 15 gallons per day, more than a week of drinking water.

- Turn off the water while brushing your teeth and save a gallon of water per minute.

- Avoid flushing the toilet just to toss a bit of trash and save five to seven gallons.

- Take shorter showers or use a low-flow shower head.

- Keep a jug of drinking water in the refrigerator instead of letting water run into the sink.

- Wash dishes in a fully-loaded dishwasher or in a stoppered sink.

- Sweep the deck or driveway with a broom.  The hose spills five gallons per minute.

And an additional Kahua Tip:

- Install a water catchment on your roof to water your gardens.  The plants love rainwater.

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