Bed & Breakfast Retreat in Maui Hawaii's Beautiful North Shore!

Detailed Directions

Please use our driving directions instead of online or GPS maps – they are not accurate to our property!

We also suggest that you read the directions in their entirety beforehand, so you feel familiar before you even start to drive. We especially need your attention for the last part. Thank you for preparing yourself to arrive safely at our place. From the airport, take Hwy 36 (Hana Highway) heading EAST. Proceed through the town of Paia. There are green highway markers (which start with “0” in Kahului). When you reach mile marker “16” (at the junction of Hwy 365), the mile markers begin again with “0”. Continue on Hana Highway past the “3” mile marker. At about 1/2 mile (just past mile marker “3.5”) on the left you will see a road flanked by a double row of mailboxes (on the right) and a little green house/bus stop with a bench (on the left). If you arrive after dark, you will see a street lamp above the road entrance. This is Door of Faith Road. Turn LEFT onto Door of Faith Road.

Our property is only 1 mile away. The road soon veers to the right. Stay on this road until you see the road turn sharply to the left (at about 1/2 mile).  At the corner where this paved road curves, there is a side mirror for the blind corner on the right and a red sign with white lettering “Kids Playing”.  Do NOT follow the paved road to the left, rather, continue to go STRAIGHT onto the gravel/dirt road.

You are half way there – 1/2 a mile to go. Again go straight. We need your support to drive slowly when you enter the dirt road. Our neighbors are sensitive to the speed and there are children playing. Please start your meditation with 5 miles per hour as you enter the metaphorical gate of old Hawaii.

Straight ahead you will see a driveway that leads to a house, but as you get closer you will see that the road veers to the right and down a hill. Follow the road down this hill. This is a magical drive. The road goes over a small concrete bridge with no railings. Right after it,  you will see a sign on the left that reads “Bamboo Farm” and points up the hill toward the right. Keep driving  up the hill.

When you drive up the hill that turns to the left, you will come to a fork with the the second “Bamboo Farm” sign and a larger sign underneath with: Mali’o Maui Eco Retreat pointing left further up the hill. There is also a large yellow surf board with a red stripe here, make sure to follow the road to the left only. Do not go straight, as this is our neighbor’s driveway. Continue going left till you see OUR sign.

You will finally come to OUR sign on the left that says, “Kahua O’Mali’o Bamboo Farm By Appointment Only”. To the right you see a bamboo gazebo with a white statue of Saraswati, the Goddess of music. Take the driveway on the right immediately after the Bamboo Farm sign in front to the gazebo,  and follow the “Parking – 610″ sign. You will see a large yellow house with a white sitting Buddha in front – this is our main house, called the Opua House. Please park. If you are not greeted immediately, honk your horn and you will be welcomed warmly or come to the main house door.

If you don’t see a gazebo with a beautiful white goddess in it, a big sign on the left that reads “Bamboo Farm,’ and the parking sign with the number 610, you simply have not come all the way to our place and may have accidentally missed a left turn and gone straight ahead to our neighbor’s house. Please make sure you have followed our two maroon colored “Bamboo Farm” signs along the road, and keep a watchful eye out for these visual markers:  Gazebo, Goddess, Bamboo Farm signs, and parking 610.

Our directions are very clear and if you read them carefully you will end at our place without getting lost or driving up to our neighbor’s place accidentally. Please do print this out and have it ready in your car. We are living off the beaten path and that makes us special.