If you have stayed with us, please write a review of Maui Retreat at TripAdvisor :)

“I came here to renew and find my heart’s center and found so much more. You have created a place and space of beauty that is truly in harmony with our Mother Earth. The peacefulness is not just in the air but resonates from the land itself. It is because of this place of peace, the “grounded-ness”, that my spirit was allowed to fly where it willed. This was the perfect place for my spiritual renewal. Mahalo.”

Kathy - Indiana

“Thank you for building this beautiful and magical place, we are so glad to have been able to experience the wonderful closeness to the ocean, the sun the moon, and stars! This retreat was exactly what we needed! Mahalo”

Ching Wei & Olivia - Oakland, CA

“A last minute decision was made prior to leaving for a family vacation in Kihei to extend my stay on the island of Maui in order to establish the foundation of a book. I had absolutely no idea that I would leave there a changed woman! Your property is definitely sacred and resurrects tranquility within. In addition, the people that my sister and I met there have now become amazing friends. They were also God’s messengers along life’s journey to bring about a necessary change in our lives.

Thank you for persevering through the obstacles to make your land a place for us to get unplugged from the energy of the city and plugged back into our life’s purpose! In was an honor to meet you both!”

Jacke Von Woerkom - Bamboo Temple

“Mahalo, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home with Bob and I. We had a FANTASTIC trip, and we loved your retreat center. Everything was so beautiful! It was Bob’s first time in Maui, and I don’t think it could have been a better trip. Bob’s also a musician and artist, so he really felt at home in the house with all of its amazing art and positive energy. It was great to meet all the students too. This is our 2nd day back in Los Angeles, and we are already missing you and Maui, but we’ve been feeling so good and relaxed and peaceful. I went to the doctor’s yesterday, and my blood pressure was 98/70!! I’ve never had my blood pressure so low before!! Yes, we’re still riding the Maui high…=D Thank you so much for making our trip so special and wonderful. We will send you pictures when we upload them. Hopefully we will see you again soon!!


Belinda - Dolphin Room

“Once  again a big  thank you for your hospitality and a wonderful time at  Kahua. It has such a miraculous  effect on us  that  we’ll  have to keep  coming  back. As soon as we arrived, the weight and responsibility of every day  life  just melted away.  Before finding  Kahua,  I had  no idea  that paradise existed.  Lush greenery, palms, the endless blue of the Pacific Ocean and sunrise in my bed….

Thank you for being so welcoming. At Kahua, it feels like the world is a safe place. No locks, no shut  doors,  just  trust and peace.  I know it does  take an effort to put everything  together and you have done a beautiful job.  I  am still astonished by the complex, elaborate detail and artwork of every single structure, house, building at  Kahua.  I  love the blend of Swiss,  Hawaiian and Eastern cultures.  Swiss for the attention  to detail  and organization,  Hawaiian to add  spirituality,  Eastern to bring the spirit to art and design.  What a beautiful blend.  I  love your consideration of  the environment and animals alike.

 Staying at Kahua, I came to some life transforming realization. I have more  clarity  in what  to do with my life, how to use my knowledge and gifts and have come to a plan of better balanced life. My decision is to work  less and  explore the interests  I had never had  much time for  –  photography, writing, being….    I have already told many  people about your place- mainly because  I believe that  it  will have the same  miraculous  effect on  them.  I hope you realize how  gifted  you are in making the world  a better place. 

Once  again,  Mahalo for all. 


Peter - Indian Room

“We soaked in the serenity. We breathed out joy.”

Duane & Rachel - Lotus Room

“Thank you for creating and sharing this magical place with others. We experienced such peace and beauty. Our time here was so special. We loved our massages. Thank you for sharing this little corner of heaven. We will return.”

Dana & Rick Tywoniak - Moss Beach, CA

“What a little taste of heaven. So quiet, so tranquil, so peaceful.”

Paul & Tami - Minnesota

“With open minds and open hearts we stumbled upon paradise. A glorious place to spend our honeymoon and 10 year anniversary. We are grateful for the love and attention that has gone into creating such a peaceful and harmonious retreat.”

Lori & Paul - California

“Peace & Joy, wonderful island, beautiful place, enlightened people.”

Bob & Marguerita - London, England