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Recycling In Maui


Glass is crushed at the recycling center in Kahului. Then it is used by local companies as pipe cushion and asphalt mix. It is also used for sandblasting, decorative landscaping, and water filtration.

Clear plastic bottles

They are shipped to China whe

re they are used in making items like indoor and outdoor carpeting.

# 2 Plastics

#2 plastics are bailed on site and sent to the west coast where they are processed into plastic lumber.


Aluminum is crushed and packed into forty-foot containers. Then it is shipped to Alabama, to a major aluminum recycling factory. Every aluminum can you recycle today can be back on the shelf as a new recycled can in as little as 60 days. There is no limit to the times aluminum can be recycled.

Why should you recycle?

Recycling saves energy, natural resources and landfill space. By recycling what we can, we help the environment.

Approximately 650 tons of garbage went into the Central Maui Landfill each day last year. That equals 1,300,000 pounds per day or roughly 10 pounds per person each day. The national average is only 5 pounds per person each day.

When you recycle just one aluminum can, you save energy equivalent to one cup of gasoline. That means 16 cans saves one gallon of gas. Another way to look at it is through electricity. One recycled can saves enough electricity to light a 100 watt light bulb for 3.5 hours.

If you do not recycle, the items do not just disappear. They go into the landfill. Once an item is covered, it takes an incredible amount of time to decompose. Every aluminum can that gets buried takes 80 to 100 years to decompose. Plastic takes 700 years once it is buried and glass takes an astonishing 1 million years to decompose. RECYCLING JUST MAKES SENSE!

Don’t forget about the money! Each time you purchase a beverage container, you give the state your money to hold. By recycling, you get that money back. Every 20 containers equal $1.00. Just think of how much bottled water, soda and beer each household consumes. A family of four might each have two drinks a day. That equals $12 every month. Get your money back. You deserve it.

Most importantly, recycled items do not go into the landfill!

Support our Planet Earth by washing out your recyclable materials BEFORE placing them in the appropriate containers.