Dear Kahua Guest

Your stay with us will bring you many wonderful benefits. We are happy to advise you of the best tips in regards to local attractions, the best places to visit and guide you to all of the mouth watering local options for places to eat. There are many offerings and attractions on the island, that the ocean , the land and its people provide. We have put together for you a guest booklet that awaits you in your room. This holds the best attractions -  that Maui has to offer Рthese are not to be missed.

These include our favorite restaurants, secret places to go and our own personal advice about  the places that nurture your mind, body and soul. The healers, massage therapists and spiritual classes are either here on our land or at a near by location.

Once you are here we ensure you that you will receive local maps that are not in any guide book. These will lead you to amazingly beautiful places and provide opportunities to meet people and make connections that will enrich your visit to Maui….

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